Redwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery Info & Events

Cemetery Conservation Committee

For so many of us, we find ourselves too busy in our daily lives to honor our past and remember those who have passed on.  The Guerneville Pioneer Cemetery is a unique local treasure that deserves our attention, our respect, and our time. This place represents our River Area history, our loved ones, friends and family.  For many of us, it’s the place where our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, family and friends are laid to rest.  For all of us, the loved ones that rest there represent our history including John W. Bagley, a local Stumptown sawmill owner, storekeeper, and first postmaster, who gave this small village its name of Guerneville.

The Guerneville Pioneer Cemetery is a non-endowed property, which means that no funds were received for its care and maintenance at time of interment. The RRHS adopted the Cemetery in 2013 to provide needed maintenance and give historical support through an annual walking tour in October and record keeping of interments.

The Russian River Historical Society organizes a family and community Clean-Up Day at the Pioneer cemetery annually. It is typically held on the last Saturday in September.  Please bring gloves to wear, sturdy shoes, and simple gardening tools. Refreshments will be provided along with our gratitude.  If you are unable to attend, please consider a donation to the RRHS Cemetery maintenance fund.

We would also like to invite you to our annual Guerneville Pioneer Cemetery Tour on the first Saturday of every October. To view images from these events, visit our RRHS Cemetery Events Photo Gallery.

If you would you like to learn more about those who are laid to rest in the Guerneville Pioneer Cemetery, see our Headstone Genealogy Searchable Database below. This information will be updated as new historical information becomes available.


FirstMiddleLastMaidenOtherDOBBirth CityBirth CountyBirth StateBirth CountryDOD or IntermentDeath PlaceAgePlotHeadstoneNotesPhoto 1Photo 2
SolferinaAcquistapaceGonfiotti 12/1/1912 12/12/20008861-AYesDaughter of Giuseppe Gonfiotti & Ida Moschini
RonaldFrankAcquistapace 12/7/1938 1/4/20026361-AYesSon of Solferina - veteran of USN
FrankL.Acquistapace 7/9/1913CAUSA 11/24/19635061-AYesHusband of Solferina (Gonfiotti) - Father of Ronald Frank - WW-II veteran
MaryAcquistapace *1895 4/11/1899461-BYesDaughter of John and Mary (Giboli)
AntoniettaAcquistapaceManne *1897Italy 7/2/19132661-CYesWife of Pietro John
BernardoAcquistapace 5/?/1885Italy 2/6/19173161-EYesSon of John and Mary (Giboli)
PietroJohnAcquistapace 1/17/1880 6/18/19608061-FYesSon of John and Mary - Husband of Antonette (Manne) Acquistapace
MaryAcquistapaceGiboli 9/8/1856Italy 1/31/19468961-GYesWife of John
JohnAcquistapace *1841Italy 10/30/19207861-HYes
AnselmoAmanetti 8/24/189359-CNo
JohnOttoAnderson 8/27/1865Sweden 7/27/1915Solono Co.-CA4868-FYes
A.W.Ashfronth? 3/30/190502-C
EdwardH.Ashley 5/26/189011-B
CharlesJohnAulich *1839Germany 8/5/191267-EYes
HenryAusmus 10/?/190566-B
I.K. Auten*1846 11/2/19207413-E
RosaM.BacciCascioni5/20/1887Italy 12/5/19688102-FYesMother of Ettore - Guiseppe - Andrew - Dante - Arthur - Anita. Wife of Vincenzo
EttoreBacci8/17/1913CAUSA 1/14/1916202-FYesSon of Rosa & Vincenzo
VincentoB.Bacci3/?/1881Italy 9/30/19214010-BYesKorbel Lumber Camp
JosephEatonBachelder *1825 3/3/189654-ANo
MaryLouiseBachelder *1818Canada 11/28/189854-CNo
JohnWashingtonBagley 10/2/1827CayugaNYUSA 2/22/1906Guerneville-CA7883-AYesOpened general store 1867 - first postmaster 1870 - named the town 'Guerneville' to honor friend Geo. Guerne
EllenAntoinetteBagleyDowning 12/20/1838BristolGraftonNHUSA 9/26/1909Guerneville-CA7083-BYesWife of John W. Bagley - children: Josephine (1859-1890) - Mary - Herbert Lincoln (1865-1917) - Frank John (1871-1933) - Alice Clare (1874-1945) - Carl Elmer (1877-1931)
FrankJohnBagley 9/9/1871HealdsburgSonomaCAUSA 5/12/1933Contra Costa Co.-CA6183-FYes
AliceClareBagley 11/19/1874GuernevilleSonomaCAUSA 11/10/1945Santa Clara Co.-CA7083-GYes
GirolamoBarsottiItaly 11/20/189559-ENo
HenryBartes?4/2/200509-CNoNo further info
Bartoli*189816-BNoChild of Anna & Louis Bartoli - Korbel - lived with John Hrusa
MarcoBartoli *189916-GNoChild of Anna & Louis Bartoli - Korbel - lived with John Hrusa
SignmondoBartolomei 11/25/190060-DNo
AdamBeattie 11/1/190866-CNo
JamesBell *1814 3/21/188977-CNoMiner - native of Scotland
OlitanaBenassi 4/11/190663-CNo
AlfredoBenedetti *1874Italy 8/20/191267-FYesBarker (woodsman/logging)
AssuntaBenelli6/1/1905 10/31/1993San Bruno-CA8805-BYesDaughter of Fernando Benelli and Rosa Marie Vannucci
RosaMarieBenelliVannucci9/4/1873Italy 5/21/19477305-CYesWife of Fernando
FernandoG.Benelli8/28/1864Italy 6/23/19195405-DYesHusband of Rosa - Father of Assunta & Salvatore
SalvatoreBenelli4/15/1897Italy 5/13/19818405-FYesSon of Fernando & Rosa
DorisRuthBenelliBrennan12/12/1909ORUSA 9/21/19928205-FYesWife of Salvatore - Daughter of Sherman Brennan & Nellie Jane Godfrey
SilvioBerrettini 1/14/190060-GGiant tree
JosephBerri *1853Switzerland 10/30/190762-BNo
KaterinaBerri 4/?/1844Switzerland 7/28/19015762-C
MarthaJaneBeverHoward 10/20/1870TNUSA 5/8/19558470-DYesWife of Tunis V. - Mother of Gladys - Cleo - Tunis Jr. - Melba
TunisVerdenBever 11/1/1868INUSA 8/27/19376870-EYes
GladysV.BeverBever 8/1/1894 3/21/19051070-FDaughter of Tunis Verden & Martha Jane Bever
TunisVerdenBever Jr. 11/26/1906 2/4/19798270-CYesSon of Tunis & Martha
BabyBianchi *1928Infant54-HNoChild of Angelo & Emelia (stillborn)
JohnBohme 5/?/1841Germany 11/10/1907San Francisco-CA6666-AYes
GeraldRalphBohny 3/6/1944 3/13/19441 wk.58-HYesSon of Alfred F. Bohny & Juliana Baldauf
WilliamBowersabt. 1824NJUSA 2/1/190309-ANoFarmer - worked for John & Lydia Pool (127-A/B)
ElizabethMargaretBrawleyClar1/12/1925 7/26/20047907-CYesDaughter of George & Hazel - Veteran of WW-2
AlbertBrawley 5/7/1922Scotland 11/26/20129007-DYesVeteran of WW-2 - Father of Anne & Emily - Husband to Elizabeth
JosephAntonBroenner 2/21/1857 7/29/18893277-DYesSan Francisco Chapter of War Veterans from Germany - Rest Gently
SabaniaBuoneccorsi*1860Italy 9/18/1920Napa-CA6012-BYesWife of Olinto - Mother of Cuiga - Giovanni - Maria
AndrewJacksonBurke 3/4/1835NJUSA 5/19/19117872-AHusband & Father of 10 children
RachaelBurkeHolmes? 12/?/1833NJUSA 1/20/19208672-BYesWife of Andrew Jackson Burke
AlexanderJacksonBurke 8/31/1877NJUSA 10/14/19396272-CYesSon of Andrew & Rachael Burke
HolmesConoverBurke 1/1/1859NJUSA 3/10/1940Los Angeles-CA8172-DYesSon of Andrew & Rachael Burke
BabyBurke *1912 3/27/190572-H
DavidE.Busschiazzo 11/26/1869 12/24/19073863-DYes
NicoloCallin 1/21/190362-H
CharlesCapek 2/?/1888 5/28/19061874-FYesSon of Joseph V. & Anna (Prosek) Capek
Raymond T. Carey9/1/1916CAUSA 9/28/1916Infant02-GNoSon of Carey & Sabini
HughCarney 9/30/1841OHUSA 10/28/1892Guerneville-CA5181-AYes
LewisChotard 10/7/189310-C
EmmaKristineChristopherson7/2/1882 10/22/19718906-DYes
SylvesterCiaItaly 5/18/189276-GNo
AmelioCinquini10/8/1914 4/20/1915 6 mos.02-DYes
AmelioCinquini2/27/1916 11/7/1922602-DYes
HazelM.ClarMeredith8/3/1892CAUSA 1/18/19465307-AYesWife of George
George Leo Clar3/25/1894GuernevilleSonomaCAUSA 12/6/19768207-BYesBrother of Charles Raymond Clar - Father of Elizabeth M. Brawley - Husband of Hazel - Veteran of WW-1
CharlesRaymondClar11/8/1903GuernevilleSonomaCAUSA *199607-FYes
EvelynClarMickelberry2/3/1908FresnoCAUSA 12/11/1989San Mateo Co.-CA8107-GYesMother of Barbara - Wife of C. Raymond
ElmerF.Clark*1871 12/17/19164501-AYesSon of Aaron Clark & Martha E. Bogart - Husband of Alice Clark - Father of Florence Gray - traveling salesman
Edward FrancisClark*1866 7/29/189310-ATeamster
WilliamVan BurenCole 7/24/1841OntarioNYUSA 11/30/1896St. Lukes Hosp. S.F.-CA5582-AYesArrived in Guerneville 1884 - Civil War vet.(Missouri) died of Bronchial Consumption - wheelwright & Blacksmith
LeahLivahColeLehman 4/?/1844OHUSA 5/9/1915Sonoma Co.-CA7182-BYesWife of William V.B. Cole (m. 01/03/1864) had 12 children
OscarJamesCole abt. 1866MillersburgIowaIAUSA 3/3/190582-DYesSon of William V.B. Cole
MaudMaeCole 1/?/1887CAUSA 3/16/19051882-EYesDaughter of William V.B. Cole
KatherineL.ColeUnknown 12/30/1882Canada 3/24/1973Sonoma Co.-CA9082-GYesWife of William Cole
WilliamLeslieCole 12/23/1875IAUSA 4/12/1965Sonoma Co.-CA8982-HYesSon of William V.B. Cole - twin Brother to Willard
WillardChesterCole 12/23/1875IAUSA 5/23/1940Sonoma Co.-CA6482-HYesSon of William V.B. Cole - 5th District Sonoma Co. Supervisor 4 terms consecutive - deputy Sheriff - Guerneville school trustee
EthelSaxeColeBlythe 10/26/1877CAUSA 5/16/1961Sonoma Co.-CA8382-HYesWife of Willard - (m.12/29/1915) no children
MaryLouisaColwellBagley 6/18/1863HealdsburgSonomaCAUSA 8/?/1893Guerneville-CA3083-CYesHad Daughter w/Abner (m. 12/25/1887) - Annette Mary Colwell (B.07/18/1890)
AbnerMcCollumColwell abt. 1860Canada 6/1/1893Guerneville-CA83-DYes
MartinCooper *189211-A
WilliamCooper abt. 1829England 1/28/188579-AYes
AnnieCopek *1878 *190074-CYesDaughter of Joseph V. & Anna (Prosek) Capek
Cox*1887 4/26/1887Stillborn15-ANo
MaudCramer 1/5/188014-ASlab
NedCrane 4/15/1895 12/4/18961 yr. 8 mos.53-BYes
AngeloCristofani *1867Italy 7/15/19265859-FYes
AnacietoCristofani *1840Italy 4/13/189659-GYesHusband of Madalena Cristofani (63-D)
MadalenaCristofani abt. 1844Italy 7/27/190663-EYesWife of Anacieto (59-F)
GiuseppeDalpino11/17/1877Italy 10/17/1921San Francisco-CA4314-GYesHusband of Mary Dinucci
JosephDalpino2/19/1905 4/20/19211614-GYesSon of Giuseppe & Mary
MaryDalpinoDinucci *1889Italy 12/17/191762-DYesWife of Guiseppe Dalpino (14-G) - Daughter of Felix & Isabella Dinucci
SharonDamosFaylor 4/16/1942 7/13/20167480-AWife of Manuel Damos - Cazadero
GeorgeE.Day 6/10/1857 12/15/19438678-CYes
ClaraAntoinetteDayHellbron 7/21/1872 3/15/19538078-DYesWife of George Day - Sister of Charles Heilbron
AdolfoDe Concini 12/12/188977-FNo
NaydeanRevaDelcarloRemmert 10/9/1927KSUSA 3/17/20178955-CYesWife of Anthony Vincent - Mother of David Vincent
DavidVincentDelcarlo 8/2/1962 4/8/19993755-EYesSon of Anthony & Naydean
AnthonyVincentDelcarlo 9/12/1932 10/5/19996755-EYes
VictorJamesDelcarlo 3/30/1928 5/14/20158755-GYes
PatriciaD.DelcarloDean 1/26/1931 3/11/20128155-GYes
EarlDavisDetrick1/2/1897IAUSA 9/30/19192209-DResident of Monte Rio
EvelynViolaDinucci12/27/1920 12/31/19205 days05-AYesInfant Daughter of Henry John Dinucci & Mabel Viola Alberigi
MaddalenaDinucciRossi *1871Italy 3/11/191162-EYes
AngeloDinucci *1860Italy 5/28/193162-F
Elva A. Dukes 1/11/1875ORUSA 11/17/19012675-FYesDaughter of Hezekiah & Sarah Adeline (Duvall) Dukes - Niece of Della Zora (Duval) Kistner - lived near quicksilver mine
WilliamRoyDuncan 12/24/1921 1/9/20149269-AYes
DorisMayDuncan 5/30/1922 8/9/20149269-BYes
ThomasFludenDuncan 4/?/1861PAUSA 2/27/19246269-DYesGuerneville Postmaster 1908 - Father of Frieda & Ora
HansonDunicciDinucci *1878 3/6/192953-AYes"No name ""Brother at Rest"""
GeorgeEberl*1880 7/13/19153502-ENo
GeorgeE.Ehmann2/10/1853NYUSA 2/28/19469312-ENoFather of Jessie Marrow - Husband of Lizzie M. Ehmann
BerthaEisenhoodFashbaugh 7/13/1886MIUSA 3/8/19859865-GYesMother of Elaine Mallow - William W. Eisenhood - Ogden L. Eisenhood
LeonardGeorgeEisenhood 4/17/1887MIUSA 8/2/19597265-GYesFather of Elaine Mallow - Husband of Bertha Fashbaugh
GladysEllison 8/26/189453-DNo
ThomasVincentEnglish 2/12/1874PAUSA 11/28/19416759-DNo
AnnEvans *188785-DNo
UnassignedFamily Lot70-B
UnassignedFamily Lot72-E
UnassignedFamily Lot72-F
UnassignedFamily Lot72-G
UnassignedFamily Lot73-D
UnassignedFamily Lot73-F
UnassignedFamily Lot73-G
UnassignedFamily Lot74-E
UnassignedFamily Lot74-G
UnassignedFamily Lot74-H
Eli Ulysses SamuelGrantFashbaugh 6/24/1866MIUSA 5/20/19589165-EYesFather of Carl - Bertha - & Dorothy - Husband of Fannie
FannieMarieFashbaughGunn 5/17/1867MIUSA *193765-FYesWife of Eli Ulysses Samuel Grant Fashbaugh - Mother of Carl Grant - Bertha G. - Dorothy E. Rasor
John S.Fowler abt. 1863MOUSA 7/7/190663-GNoBlacksmith
GuiseppiFranchia 4/4/190861-BNoNo evidence
ArgentinaFrati 1/15/1917 1/22/19171 wk.61-DInfant Daughter of Aurelia Acquistapace - Grandchild of John & Mary
FredianoFratini 11/18/1865Italy 5/25/19013560-AYes
CarlosFrazi 7/1/190160-BNo
LorenzoFrediani 6/1/189359-ANo
PazienzaGaretti8/26/1874Italy 1/11/19618608-BYesWife of Firmo
FirmoGaretti4/8/1864Italy 1/11/19498408-CYes
MariannaGaretti*1868Italy 12/20/19053608-DYesSister of Firmo
AnnieGaretti1/1/1901CAUSA 4/20/19181708-EYesDaughter of Firmo & Pazienza
PearlGarrison 4/28/189555-ANo
WilliamGarrison 4/28/189555-BNo
KatyGeesley 2/?/189175-BNo
MIchaelGeesley *1840Switzerland 6/?/189475-CNoCommitted to Mendocino State asylum for attempted murder and alcoholism 1893
JohnGeiger 3/31/1877NJUSA 11/3/1955Siskiyou-CA7856-AYes
JosieElizabethGeigerCole 3/17/1869IAUSA 3/12/1941Siskiyou-CA7156-BYesDaughter of William Van Buren Cole (82-A) & Leah Lehman
FermoGianini 2/28/1888Guerneville-CA79-FNo
WilliamHenryGingles3/19/1862ILUSA 8/30/19407803-GYesSon of Tunis Gingles & ? Johnson - Husband of Hattie M. - Railroad Inspector
MarinellaGonfiotti 2/8/1903Child14-CNo
GildoJosephGori6/20/1890GuernevilleSonomaCAUSA 1/14/1946Guerneville-CA5512-CYesHusband to Lillian Carli Gori
RosaGori 11/16/189215-DNoSee also Gori family lot #12 - 56 - 57
AbeleGori*1899 1/31/1899Infant16-ENoSee also Gori family lot #12 -56 - 57
ElizabethC.Gori 6/9/1900 9/29/19616156-DYesBank clerk - Daughter of Annunziata & Saulle
FrankAnthonyGori 10/22/1906 12/18/19847856-EYesBrother to Elizabeth - Son of Annunziata Saulle
MildredGoriTaylor 6/8/1907KSUSA 3/11/19968856-FYes
SaulleGori 11/?/1854Italy 11/27/192057-AYesGuerneville Hotel Owner
AbeleGori *1899 *1899Infant57-BYes
FrankGori *1904 *1908457-BYes
AnnunziataJeanettaGoriPaulucci 3/4/1872Italy 2/10/19588557-CYesWife of Saulle - Mother of Frank Anthony & Elizabeth C. Gori
AlfonsaM.GoriLeonardi *1867Italy 4/14/193857-EYes
AdolfoGori *1861Italy 6/22/192957-FYes
HenryE.Goschabt. 1855Germany 12/20/19176201-GNoLumber piler
SophiaReginaGriffithsStrombom 1/12/1874 9/9/197510173-EYesDaughter of Gustav & Erika (Ostling) Strombom - Sister of Andrew John Strombom
EmiliaGuastucci11/?/1894CAUSA 11/1/1902813-AYesDaughter of Paolino & Eleonilda Guastucci - Sister of Andrea & Caroline
AndreaGuastucci11/?/1885Italy 2/6/19051913-B/CYesDaughter of Paolino & Eleonilda Guastucci - Sister of Andrea & Caroline
PaoloGuastucci*1858Italy 9/8/193613-DWoodchopper - Husband of Eleonilda
JuliaGuerneSmith 11/24/1854MOUSA 1/31/19408552-GYesWife of Augustus - Daughter of John Marshal Smith & Evaline M. Ellison
AugustusLucienGuerne 3/15/1838Switzerland 12/7/19198152-HYesSon of Henry Louise Guerne & Henirette Tiche - Brother of Julia Heald - Father of Alfred & Elbert
NellieAngelinaGuidotti 1/6/1918Monte RioSonomaCAUSA 1/7/1943Sonoma Co.-CA2581-GYesDaughter of Joseph Guidotti & Angela Rochioli - Brother: George & Sister: Doris
DominicoGuystuci 8/14/189359-BNo
FrankHarr *191668-DNo
GeorgeSevertHealy 12/8/189253-FNo
ArthurSevertHealy 12/13/189053-HNo
CharlesFrederickHeilbron 8/8/1869 5/19/1955Guerneville-CA8578-FYes
JulieGenivieveHeilbronSt. Denis 11/20/1873France 11/14/1955Guerneville-CA8178-GYesWife of Charles E. Heilbron
MarieMargueriteHeilbron 7/27/1904OaklandAlamedaCAUSA 1/16/200710278-HYesDaughter of Charles & Julie - Post Office clerk
PhillipHerman 11/21/1851Germany 7/19/18883679-HYesTeamster
JosephHerzan 8/20/1909Czechoslovakia 4/9/20009069-GYesCivil Engineer - first wife & children remain in Czech Republic
MildredWagnerHerzan 3/15/1910NYUSA 4/18/19746469-HYes2nd. Wife of Joseph
AnsonHilton 4/21/190584-FNo
JohnRilan FranklinHitchcock 12/8/1828LafayetteMOUSA 6/11/18906176-AYesWife: Mary Elizabeth Beebe - Point Arena
DonaldAlbertHocket 10/5/1962SebastopolSonomaCAUSA 2/10/20023965-HYesSon of Albert W. Hockett & Linda Gail Mallow - Grandson of Delmont & Elaine
CharlesRobertHolden Sr.5/13/1898CarlsbadEddyNMUSA 6/16/19222413-GYesHusband of Kathryn Margaret Di Bernardi - Father of Charles Robert Holden Jr.
EdwinA. Holt 10/3/190363-ANo
JohnHoyt *1819NY 6/6/189658-EYesCorporal Company E - US Infantry - Mexican War
CarlAllenHultgren *1904 7/26/19059 mos.55-FNoBelow Anthony Delcarlo!!
WilliamPaul JohnHultgren 2/15/190355-GNoBelow Victor & Patricia Delcarlo!!
DomenicoInvernizzi5/22/1873Italy 9/13/19204709-BYesFarmer - Penny Island - Jenner
AliceN.InwoodHopkins 3/?/1865ORUSA 3/18/190966-DNoWife of William A. Inwood
WilliamAlexanderInwood *1864CTUSA 2/26/191666-GNo
Jacomi 9/16/190162-ANo
HermanJahonn *189310-D
Justi *1899Infant16-FNoChild of Antonio Justi - woodcutter
LewisWhitmoreJustis 2/4/1837INUSA 7/28/19178064-EYesCivil War Veteran: Co. C - 37th Indiana Infantry - Husband of Sallie - Father of Harry
LulaJ.Justis 11/18/1880INUSA 8/18/19769564-FYesPublic school teacher - Daughter of Sallie & Lewis
SallieJustisGould 2/?/1839INUSA 5/15/19258664-FYesMother of Harry - Wife of Lewis
HarryWilberJustis 8/5/1865INUSA 9/18/19538864-GNoHusband of Nellie - retail storekeeper
NellieJustisWinkler 1/21/1870HaydenJenningsINUSA 11/30/19386864-HNoMother of Leota Vanderstratten (71-E) Wife of Harry Justis
CharlieKingabt. 1888USA*194612-ENoLived with James & Jessie Marrow - George Ehmann in Cazadero
WilliamJohnKiser 12/27/189053-GNo
LilaB.Kistner 3/19/1912 2/29/19281170-GYesDaughter of Lester & Cleo
LeslieE.Kistner 8/5/1917 8/5/19171 day70-GYesSon of Lester & Cleo
LesterAlfredKistner 5/20/1883ORUSA 4/17/19648070-HYesCarpenter at Charles Rule Ranch - Jenner
CleoMaudKistnerBever 10/25/1890 9/11/1977Jenner-CA8670-HYesWife of Lester - Mother of Lila & Leslie
GeorgeWashingtonKistner 1/2/1857LakeCAUSA 10/2/19004375-HYesWife: Della Zora (Duval) Kistner - 4 children - Son of Phillip M. & Sophie H Kistner - laborer in quicksiver mine
Klein 10/20/1893Infant15-GNoSee also Klein family lot #128
NellWilsonKnappTunstall4/5/1889Santa RosaSonomaCAUSA 7/26/19738403-D/EYESWife of William Henry Wilson - Daughter of Mary Elizabeth & Edwin James
MabelMyrtleKnight 12/24/189816-DChild of Annie & Wallace Knight - Forestville
LawrenceCraigLaughlin*1887CAUSA 3/21/19203304-AFarmer - Husband to Anna - Son of Martha (06-A)
AlbertPurnellLaughlinabt. 1857MOUSA 5/24/193006-AHusband of Martha - Father of Lawrence - Glenn - Bessie - Annie
MarthaE.Laughlinabt. 1865CAUSA 11/10/193006-BWife of Albert P.
FerdinandLauteren *1818Germany 11/24/189458-CYesHusband of Antoinette Cnopius - Father of Edgar F.
AgnesLeaver 7/3/188815-B
Frederick Lee *197606-FNo
Ruth"M. ""Babe"""Lee4/30/1922 5/19/19735106-GYes
babyLee5/19/1979 5/19/1979 1 day08-HNoUnknown infant
AntonioLeonardi *1854 3/16/191957-GYes
ElbertRayLillie 4/11/1851 8/8/18752485-BYesCenotaph - reburied in Independence Iowa
LivahSaphronaLindleyCole10/20/1864ILUSA 4/8/1953San Francisco-CA8882-CYesDaughter of William V.B. Cole
GeorgeA. Locke 9/24/1851Canada 1/7/1935Los Angeles-CA8452-DYes
JohnEllisLocke 9/11/1885 8/27/1964Humbolt-CA7852-EYesSon of George & Ada - Husband of Stella P. Lauffer
AdaLockeSmith 5/21/1858KSUSA 7/30/1924Humbolt-CA6652-EYesWife of George - Mother of John Ellis
CarolineEdithLombardiBianchi*1891Italy 3/28/194404-CYesWife of Andrew - Mother of Adolph
AndrewJ.Lombardi2/17/1885Italy 8/13/1948San Mateo-CA6304-DYesHusband of Carolina - Father to Adolph
RoscoeGreenLongley 11/27/1836SomersetMEUSA 11/22/1915Santa Cruz-CA7884-AYesLogger for Korbel Lumber Camp
MaryAdeliaLongley 6/9/1851MOUSA 3/12/1918Santa Cruz-CA6684-BYes
ElbertJ.Longley abt. 9/14/1875 7/3/1876Guerneville-CA84-CNoSon of Roscoe & Mary
EdwinRoscoeLongley 8/31/1869SonomaCAUSA 4/14/1928Santa Cruz-CA5884-DYesSon of Roscoe & Mary - worked for Southern Lumber Co. Santa Cruz
AliceLongley abt. 1867 4/17/1938Santa Cruz-CA84-ENoWife of Edwin - lived in Boulder Creek - Santa Cruz
BessieLouk 6/24/189816-CNo
MarkMagri 12/28/192002-AInfant
Magri 1/29/191702-AInfantBaby boy
EnosMagri 2/20/191902-BInfant
DelmontW.Mallow 6/12/1911MIUSA 1/6/19685665-HYes
ElaineE.MallowEisenhood 10/18/1909Battle CreekCalhounMIUSA 3/9/19908065-HYesWife of Delmont - Mother of Linda - Rodney - Joyce
AnitaMaryMaluganiBacci7/20/1907Italy 1/14/19999102-FYesDaughter of Vincenzo & Rosa
Mangels 5/17/1922Infant female14-HNo
MariMariggi 3/30/190563-BNo
ElinorMarley (?) 5/8/188778-BNo
MaryMarr 10/1/188315-F
JessieE. MarrowEhmann1/?/1895USA*194612-ENoAdopted Daughter of George & Lizzie Ehmann - Wife of James C. Marrow
JamesC.Marrowabt. 1877ILUSA*194612-ENoHusband of Jessie Ehmann
JMartinelli 2/23/190160-CNo
EvelynMastSmith 9/19/1870 1/5/19255452-FYesDaughter of John Smith & Evaline Ellison
JamesHenryMaxwell *1842KYUSA 11/3/191668-BYesTravelling Salesman - Husband of Alice Maxwell
OraDuncanMayfield 2/1/1907 11/26/1980San Leandro-CA7369-CYesDaughter of Thomas & ? Murray - Wife of Frank Mayfield
ErnestMc Donald 2/6/188977-BNo
JamesMcAllister 1/1/1837ONCanada 6/13/19016475-DNoWoodcutter at Korbel Lumber Camp
EugeneBlainMcCray4/1/1884MOUSA 8/9/19476317-APerimeterHusband of Anne - Son of Francis C. & Warren - Brother of David Warren - Father of Warren - Mabel - Shirley
FrancesCaroline McCrayEndicott*1855INUSA 11/1/194617-BPerimeterWife of Warren
EvaElizaMcCray8/?/1893CAUSA *191717-CPerimeterDaughter of Warren & Frances Caroline
WarrenMcCray2/?/1853MOUSA *192217-DPerimeterHusband of Frances Caroline Endicott - Father of David Warren (#149-F) Eva E. (#17-C) Emma - Etta - Eugene - Mary Alta
NevanMcCune *1834Ireland 12/30/18956858-DNoFound dead in his cabin near Monte Rio - Private Co.D - 35th Indiana Infantry 1864-65
AndrewMcCuneAndrew McCuone abt. 1822Ireland 7/25/1885Guerneville-CA79-BYesAccident
OscarMcKean 8/7/1852 8/25/18944258-BYesDied in fire of '94 started by Twombly - porch of Odd Fellows building collapsed on top of
AugustFredMesenbrink11/15/1886IAUSA 11/25/19445804-GYesWorked for PG&E - Husband of Minnie Alvera Griffin
MinnieAlveraMesenbrinkGriffin11/24/1885IAUSA 8/28/19516504-HYesWife of August Fred - Mother of Leo - Ina Mae - Arlean
Meum 11/24/1892Infant female15-ENo
BessieN.MilesLaughlinabt. 1900 11/10/193006-CDaughter of Albert & Martha
James ZeringMiller 3/14/1854ILUSA 6/18/19216773-HYes
FlorenceAnnieMoir 10/13/1868CAUSA 7/15/1944Monte Rio-CA7581-EYesHusband: Peter owned printing busines in San Francisco
Monticello (Infant) *1885 *188579-DNo
AlbertMoracciabt. 1867Italy 10/7/19175001-ENoLived with Peter & Sally Stefani (31-B - 31-C) 1900
OlivioMorchi 5/25/189659-HNo
ValentineW.Morganti 2/28/190503-A/B
ClaraMorton abt. 1863 11/11/1909Alameda-CA64-B
GertrudeMorton*1812WAUSA *193465-CYesWard of William & Lillian Nolan - owner of Louvre
Albert PettisMosleypet 3/17/1848MOUSA 4/26/1927Guerneville-CA7973-AYesHusband of Arcelia - Father of Albert - Ella May - Edith P - Lilly Olive - Augustus
ArceliaAdelaideMosleyGoffAddie 4/26/1850MOUSA 3/28/1937Guerneville-CA8673-BYesWife of Albert Pettis
IrvinClydeMosley 1/3/1883GuernevilleSonomaCAUSA 11/3/1963Marysville8073-CYesSon of Albert & Arcelia Mosley - Guerneville Butcher & Meat Market
MelbaNordicaNickellBever 9/7/1900 11/5/19868670-AYesWife of Vollie Valentine Nickell - Daughter of Tunis & Martha
LillianNolan abt. 1874 *195065-AYesWife of William - Saloon keeper
WilliamH.Nolan 3/26/1874Ireland 9/15/19406665-BYesTavern/hotel owner - farmer
VittorioOdelia *1869Italy 3/21/190562-GNo
HenryClayOgle 12/9/1858IAUSA 6/14/18903176-BNoLumberman
Mrs. PaulOrin 1/21/191901-HNo
LetteOrzkaGarrison 5/23/192055-DNoBelow David DelCarlo
MarvinJ.Owen Jr. 7/17/194158-GNo
OmaOwings *1878DavenportScottIAUSA 6/12/194375-ANoDaughter of Samuel E. Baker & Catherine Miller
TeresaPaperaPallettiChristofani1/19/1864Italy 2/4/19195411-CYesWife of Ferdinando - Mother of 7 children with 1st husband ? Papera
FerdinandoPalletti8/16/1872Italy 11/23/19618911-DYes
MaryS.PalmerGingles*1885 5/22/19274103-FYesWife of James G.Palmer - Bartender in Guerneville
HaroldPalmer*1916 5/20/1919410-GSon of Norma Ellen Palmer (Keaton) See lot 156
ApolloniaPaulucci *1850Italy *190657-HYes
CosimoPelletti*1911 1/13/1915Child14-ENoSon of Ferdinando & Teresa (11-D)
Mark Peters *1822IAUSA 2/16/189176-CNoLaborer at Korbel lumber camp
VioletM.PiantoniBuonaccorsi3/12/1928 3/19/20128402-GYesOn top of Raymond T. Carey - Daughter of John P. Buonaccorsi & Anita M. Malugani
DomenicoPocai *1893 *189353-EYesInfant (Guisti?)
SebastianPocari 2/25/189176-DNo
CharlesMartinProsek *1866 *191774-BYes8th Son of Anna and Josef Prosek - Brother of Anna (Prosek) Capek & Frank
RobertM.Prosek 12/24/1927 4/24/20158774-DYesSon of Robert Charles & Geraldine (Mobley) Prosek
ElizabethProsek 6/25/195374-DDaughter of Robert M. and Joanne E. Prosek
JoanneE.Prosek 4/6/192974-DYesWife of Robert M. Prosek
GeraldineMobleyProsekMobley 9/27/1897 6/24/19424474-DYesWife of Robert Charles Prosek - Mother of Robert M.
JosefProsek 8/2/188877-ANo
FrankProsek Sr. *1852 7/5/189474-AYes4th Son of Anna and Josef Prosek - Brother of Anna (Prosek) Capek & Charles Martin
PietroPuffini abt. 1857Italy *191568-CNo
John WilliamQuigley?10/22/1916 6/25/192701-CNoMother was an Eckman (lot 37)
LenaQuigley 12/?/1913 12/?/1913067-ANoStillborn (Schneider)
DorothyEstherRasorFashbaugh 1/12/1909MIUSA 3/22/19918265-DYesSister of Carl G. - Daughter of Eli & Fannie
HenryAlbertRasor Jr. 11/16/1907ORUSA 11/7/19999165-DYesHusband of Dorothy Fashbaugh
ElizaReedWalker 8/20/1827INUSA 12/22/18875980-CDaughter of John King & Paulina
CharlesRexol 7/24/1894GogebicMIUSA 7/6/19444978-AYes
JosephRichter 4/7/1853Germany *191068-ENoResident of Duncans Mills
JosephRidolfi abt. 1852 5/19/191468-GNo
CatherineRingwald 11/13/189954-ENo
JosephRittenmire 10/09/189258-ANo
RosaNavarroRobinson 4/18/189716-ANoSee also Robinson family #121 - 104
MaryEllenRockCole abt. 1873IAUSA 4/22/1931Sonoma State Hosp.-CA82-FYesDaughter of William V.B. Cole - head injury age 2 - eplilepsy
Frederick EliasRoussan*1863 12/7/192701-BborderBlacksmith - postmaster - Cazadero Gen. Store owner
IvyA. Ruhlman 11/23/1893 10/31/18951 yr. 11 mos.53-CYesDaughter of Henry S Ruhlman & Margaret Eliza Osborn
John AndrewSchenk 2/21/1838Germany 10/3/19026475-EYes
VerdaDuncanSelvageDuncan 1/1/1889 5/1/19142569-FYesWife of James Selvage
FerdinandSicotteFred Scott abt. 1828Canada 3/7/1905Sonoma Co.-CA81-DNoBlacksmith?
SophySigurd *1832 9/9/190454-DYes
OlinSilas *191267-GNo
AlbertSilva *1903 5/27/19131067-BNo
JamesSlater 9/30/188385-CNo
MarshallDanielSmith4/12/1873CAUSA 8/11/19447104-ESon of Smith & Mahan
JohnMarshallSmith2/18/1818VAUSA 9/7/18806252-AYesHusband of Evaline
EvalineM.SmithEllison 2/13/1832MOUSA 3/4/18885652-BYesMother of Julia - Ada - Wm Christian - Jeff Davis - Evelyn Mast
WilliamChristian Smith 2/15/1853MOUSA 6/7/18853252-CYesSon of John and Evaline
Snyder 12/16/1917Infant01-FNo
EllenSoloyis 3/26/190115-HNo
LillianGoriStefanelliCarli8/15/1904CAUSA 9/25/1987San Joaquin Co.-CA8312-DYesWife of Gildo - remarried in 1956 to Dante Stefanelli
GuilaStefani 10/22/190060-EGiant tree
JosephStefani 1/11/1893 7/23/189418 mos.60-EYesSon of Pietro (31-C) & Salumina (21-B) - Brother to Joseph Peter -1894-1959
LorenzoStefani 11/16/190060-FGiant tree
JosephStocke (?)81-HNo
RobertAnthonyThomas 4/7/1916 2/18/19755871-EYesSon of Frank & Louise Thomas - employee of Railroad
VincentJamesThomas 8/18/1903 1/22/1907371-FYesSon of Frank & Louise Thomas
Louise A. ThomasVanderstraten 11/18/1878MendocinoCAUSA 4/19/19163871-GYesWife of Frank P. Thomas - died after birth of Son Robert
FrankPatrickThomas 1/3/1880 9/15/19547471-HHusband of Louise (Vanderstratten) Thomas
RobertTrimble *1834NBCanada 4/26/189276-FNoLumberman
EulaTrine1/?/1871GAUSA 2/26/19184714-FYesWife of Oliver P. Trine
RobertBruetonTunstall1/22/1852England 8/18/19216903-AYesFather of Robert Noel - Husband of Clara Julia Banks
ClaraJuliaTunstallBanks3/18/1861England 10/6/19195803-BYesWife of Robert Brueton - Mother to Robert Noel
MaryElizabethTunstallStoakes8/3/1855England 2/4/19256903-CYesWife of Edwin James Tunstall - Mother of Edwin B. & William W.
WilliamWalter NoelTunstall6/21/1887NapaCAUSA 11/13/19748703-C/DYesHusband of Nettie Nichols
EdwinJamesTunstall12/20/1855 11/22/19317503-DYesHusband of Mary Elizabeth Stoakes
JHLTwombly abt. 1827MAUSA 10/28/1903Guernevile-CA85-ANoRheumatism
FloraReylandTyackEvans 1/14/1866La GrangeStanislausCAUSA 6/4/1950Guerneville-CA8478-EYesWife of Samuel Tyack - Aunt of Julie Heilbron
CliftonTyler 11/24/190154-GNo
HenriBernardVanderstratten 6/18/1831Belguim 6/21/19148371-AYes
AmeliaVanderstratten *1848 5/5/193871-BYesWife of Henri
PeterFrancisVanderstratten 12/13/1884HoplandMendocinoCAUSA 6/3/19577271-DYesRailroad Brakeman - Brother of Louise Thomas - Son of Henri & Amelia
LeotaW.VanderstrattenJustis 12/24/1890INUSA 5/21/19617071-EYesWife of Peter F. Vanderstratten - Daughter of Harry W. & Nellie Justis (64-H)
HenryA. Vanderstratten Jr. 12/31/1880 8/3/19032271-CYesBrother of Louise Thomas - Son of Henri & Amelia
RosilynVanni 10/13/1915Infant14-BNo
Vannucci*1912 1/18/192005-ABaby Boy
PietroVannucci6/12/1889ToscanaItaly 6/3/19213105-HYes
VickVenardabt. 1869 10/6/189510-EWoodsman
AugustineVicari 10/18/188579-CNo
JohnKingWalker 3/3/1798NYUSA 1/8/18858680-A"Owned 'Walker Ranch"" now ACSRA - Pond Farm - farmer & Methodist minister"
PaulinaWalkerBuell 12/30/1808NYUSA 4/12/18857680-BWife of John King Walker
LeanderEliasWalker 4/30/1834INUSA 9/16/19077380-DSon of John King & Paulina
LeonidasWalker *1833INUSA *191080-ESon of John King & Paulina
SarahAnnWalkerNeal 1/?/1839OHUSA 12/10/19117280-FWife of Leander (m. 1858)
LysanderWalker 7/?/1841INUSA 6/14/19147380-GSon of John King & Paulina
RobertWalker 8/?/1871IAUSA 6/9/19295780-HSon of Leander & Sarah
JohnWalker 7/7/1865IAUSA 7/29/1948Guerneville-CA8381-FNoSon of Leander and Sarah - worked on Walker Ranch as sheep farmer
LawsonHendersonWard Jr. *1818NCUSA 8/19/190058-FYesHusband of Susan - Son of Lawson H. Ward Sr. & Elizabeth Turner
EddieWeber 7/31/189215-CNoSee also Weber family lot #133
LaurentineWelch 12/?/1850ILUSA 7/21/19085766-ENoRed Slide area of Guerneville & Cazadero - was blind for 7 years
McDonaldWelch 3/1/1827VAUSA 5/23/19108366-FYesHusband of Amanda (nee Tucker) Welch. Father of Laurentine and Charles Tucker. (33-D) Civil War - Co. 'K' 1st Illinois Infantry - occupation: plasterer
MarcusWentzel *191163-FNo
ChesterV.WhitneyWitney *1838PA 5/6/1887Guerneville-CA79-EYes3rd Regiment - Co. G - Wisconsin Calvary 12/1/1861 to 9/8/1865 (Union Army)
MarthaR.Williams abt. 1838 10/31/189881-BYesM. Fred 06/28/1897 - Sister of Hugh Carney
FredWilliams abt. 1865 1/25/186581-CYes
William HenryWilson5/20/1887BCCanada 4/5/19566803-D/EYesHusband of Nell Wilson - Father of William Harry
WilliamHarryWilson12/29/1912CAUSA 12/13/19362303-EYesSon of William Henry & Nell WillSon
JohnH.Young 2/22/189610-F
JohnV.Young 7/19/189176-ENo
AlbinaZimmer*1838 2/1/192009-E
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